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Brand - AZMAYA

Handcrafted in Nagano prefecture, only made from over 100 year-old Kiso Sawara, straight grained cypress wood, this wooden wine cooler is absolutely stunning. Functional and timeless,  with two lines of copper band, this is a simple and elegant wine cooler produced by Azmaya. Wine, champagne or sake, you can fill the bucket with ice to cool your favourite bottled drink. Just like hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood, sawara cypress has antibacterial effect and strength against moisture. Since Kiso sawara wood works as a natural insulator, this wooden bucket is hard to conduct heat. It slows for the ice cubes to melt while keeping cool in the bucket for a long time. Unlike a stainless wine cooler, the outside of the wooden bucket does not become cold or sweaty, and keeps the bottled drink at a constant temperature.

When not in use for cooling bottles, this wine cooler can also be used as an elegant vessel for other purposes such as storing fruits or arranging flowers in your home. 

Kiso sawara cypress, copper

Diameter: 20cm
Height: 28cm

Made in Japan