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This sets comes with three different kinds of green tea (peppermint, lavender, corn), wafers in shape of the famous Hokkaido bear, and adzuki bean paste.

Monaka Skin Wafers are made from 100% kita yukimochi rice, a special sticky rice variety from Hokkaido. The complete process — from the making of the raw mochi to cooking it in a pot — is done in-house by traditional methods. No additives are used. The meticulously made wafers are fragrant and have a crisp texture.

The bean paste is provided by Kawanishi Seianjo, a well-known business in Sapporo, established in 1949. Carefully selected high-quality Tokachi azuki beans, fresh water from Sapporo, and sugar from Hokkaido are used. Using a unique manufacturing method, the bean paste is cooked into a smooth texture.

The secret to the crispness and freshness of this sweet tea accompaniment, is that you fill the wafers with bean paste on the spot.

Green Tea, Peppermint, Lavender, Corn, Glutinous Rice, Azuki Beans, Starch Sirup, Agar, Starch, Salt

Wafers  x 3 pairs
Sweet Bean Paste × 3 bags
Menthe green tea (tea bags) x 3
Lavender green tea (tea bags) x 3
Corn tea (tea bags) x 3

Made in Japan