SET OF 2 CANDLE - 17cm

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Each and every part of the warosoku crafting process, from making the wicks to adding the final finishing touches, is done by skilled craftspeople who pay careful attention to each and every candle they make. Since the wax, known as mokuro in Japanese, has a low melting temperature, the warosoku artisans can handle it with their bare hands. They dip their hands into bowls of melted wax and hand-coat the wicks layer upon layer. As this process is repeated, the warosoku grow thicker with layers all the way through like the rings of a tree. Warosoku’s wicks are made from the stalks of the common rush with washi paper twisted around them, and generate almost no smoke at all. They burn brightly and cleanly, creating a pleasant atmosphere wherever used.

Wax of the Japanese wax tree (mokuro), Rush stalk, Washi

2 Candles in Box

17 cm candles, Box dimensions 20 x 5.5 cm

BURN TIME: 2.5 Hours

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