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Japanese green teas are referred to as Kamairicha, which differ in production from the usual way of green tea production. Instead of the steam method most commonly used to stop fermentation, the tea leaves of Kamairicha are pan roasted to begin with. In relation to the total green tea production in Japan, Kamairicha is only produced in small quantities.

The Kamairicha produced by Chaya Tsuzuri has a very balanced, harmonious balance. Its aroma impresses with fine roasted aromas, which come from roasting in an iron pot, combined with a nice fresh note.


How to brew
For a good drinking experience, we recommend steeping the tea leaves in hot water at 90°C for about a minute. For orientation: Approx. 3 grams (1 teaspoon) of tea leaves are sufficient for 200 ml of water. For a second infusion, let the tea steep for about three minutes.

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