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Brand - IIWAN

Safe and secure tableware for babies made from corn

Made of 100% plant-derived plastic material, safe and secure for babies.
This is a set of iiwan bowls and cups that you want to buy according to the amount of food your child will eat from the completion of baby food . 
Recommended for eating alone training.

Polylactic acid

Heat resistant temperature
140 degrees (120 degrees for cutlery)

Made in Japan

* Dish washer safe

* Cutlery is a microwave oven cannot be used.

* The product is not coated (painted).

*When using a microwave oven or dishwasher, please read the attached instruction manual in advance.

Milk cup: Mouth diameter approx. 8.7 cm, height 7.1 cm, handle thickness 2.3 cm
Ochawan: Width approx. 15 x Depth 12 x Height 5.2 (cm)
Small plate: Width approx. 17 x Depth 13.5 x Height 3.5 (cm) )
Lunch plate: Width approx. 25 x Depth 21.5 x Height 3(cm)
Spoon: Width approx. 12 cm
Fork: Width approx. 12 cm