Aēsop is an Australian luxury skin care brand. The products are of the finest quality, with plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients. Only those with a proven record of safety and efficacy are used. The beautifully coloured package designs and the formulations within are created with meticulous attention to detail, with efficacy and sensory pleasure in mind.

A Mano is an original HANDMADE brand.

Each serving platter is made from one solid piece of carefully selected wood. Unlike ceramic, wood provides warmth and are a joy to use everyday. Produced in small quantities, these unique Swiss designed and made objects are available exclusively from our shop.

Comme des Garçons is a leading Japanese fashion label. In 1994 they started a line of unisex fragrances, most of which are unconventional in the world of perfume, in the same spirit as their garments.

Comme des Garçons is a leading Japanese fashion label. From its launch in the early 70s they began producing their now classic and iconic wallets. To this day the shape remain unchanged, but each season the collection introduces new colours and patterns of distinct and unique character.

C.T.plage is a Japanese knitwear brand. “Simple, but with a strong presence” is the concept behind their collections. High quality yet ready for everyday use, once you start wearing them, you cannot live without them.

Cul de Sac is a Japanese aomori hiba wood products brand. The spiritual qualities of Hiba woods are used to build temples and shrines. Hiba is well known for relaxing and calming aromatics, is naturally antibacterial, water resistant and insect repelling. Perfect for winter storage of your precious knitwear.

CYDWOQ, pronounced “Sidewalk“ is an american shoes brand. The company mission to create unique, timeless, architectural shoes using environmentally-friendly materials.
CYDWOQ’S are designed and hand-crafted at their factory in Burbank, California.

Elena Iachi is an Italian shoe brand from Milano. Their permanent collection sneakers are easy to wear, stylish and beautifully coloured. Slip in and leave your house everyday without thought.

Herzog de Meuron is world-renowned for their architectural projects. In the process of designing and building new projects, objects such as tables, stools, coathangers or door handles have emerged. Produced in small quantities, these unique objects are exclusively available from our shop.

Humanoid is a Dutch fashion brand. Unique, timeless pieces are made with great care and only the best materials. We especially enjoy their rustic earthy tones, complimenting HANDMADE’s colour concept.

Knit Brary is a Spanish brand designing beautifully crafted knitwear using the world’s finest and purest yarns. Their traditional approach to manufacturing, on a small scale and with local experts, makes each piece really unique.

Marsèll is an Italian shoes and bags brand. A seamless merging of form, colour and texture characterizes the brand’s approach to shoemaking. Production is entirely carried out in-house in Italy.

Quality materials and craftsmanship are  paramount.

Mitsuami is an original HANDMADE textile jewellery brand. Mitsuami in japanese means three-strand braided. The braided silk is always the base and conbined with wa piece of pure pearl, silver,gold or natural stones. Produced in small quantities, these unique accessories, designed and hand made in Switzerland, are available exclusively from our shop.

Sara Lanzi is an Italian brand based in the green heart of the country. A small intimate team deliver worldwide knit wear and fabric clothing. Materials and shapes are at the core of the collection, which can be defined basic, functional but yet soulful.

Siyu is a Spanish fashion brand especially known for their high quality swimwear. Designs are inspired by the sunny beach culture of Valencia. Enjoy different geometric patterns and colours every summer.

Suzusan is a Japanese fashion brand. The Murase family have been refining textiles with traditional shibori technique involving extremely intricate handwork for over 100 years. Now in their fifth generation, they regard shibori as a cultural heritage they must uphold with endless passion and commitment to perfection. They are attempting to give the technique a more contemporary relevance through the development of new and innovative procedures and modern creations.


Tsé & Tsé is a French design company. Amongst their wide range of products, we especially enjoy their porcelain plates, bowls and cups. The unique characters with irregular and organic forms are a joy to use everyday.

Warm Me is an Austrian knitwear brand. We especially like their beanies which come in many different shapes, colours and knitting patterns. Warm Me not only keeps you cosy and warm, but makes you look and feel good. An essential basic for every wardrobe.