My first meeting with Handmade I will never forget. One late afternoon in the old town of Basel, the small boutique looked as if it were glowing. I was gravitated towards the front window. Where an intricate selection of perfumes, ceramics, wallets, clothes and shoes was disposed. All these contemporary objects somehow seemed to be perfectly at home in the beautiful 700-year-old building, creating a fascinating atmosphere.
That time I was too shy to enter, but couldn’t take my eyes off the window for long moments.

A few years later, it had become my favorite place. On entering, the ring of the crystal wineglass doorbell welcomes me.  The space is naturally inviting, faintly scented.  Just chatting with Chieko (the owner) is precious time for me.  Often, I knew what I was looking for, other times I was simply inspired.

After seven years, I got the opportunity to design the interior of the Handmade boutique. A cropped staircase in each room was my only intervention. It implies the space above, below and next to it, giving a feeling of extension. On each stair, carefully selected items are displayed. The stair symbolically moves through both space and time, connecting past, present and future.  It’s Alice’s wonderland, just down the rabbit hole.

I hope you’ll find your own unique story at Handmade.

Fumiko Takahama (Architect)