Marsèll Shoes

I started Handmade almost at the same time Marsell started their brand.  Since then, I always have their shoes.  Marsell’s philosophy completely matches that of Handmade.  Based in Milano, all their shoes are crafted in Italy with seamless merging form, muted colours and meticulous finishes.  Quality of materials and artisanal craftsmanship are paramount.  The result is classicism with a twist and perfect comfort, even in high heels. I choose the shoes in their showroom in Paris during fashion week.  It’s an absolute oasis after being in the busy fair.  I always deeply admire the courage of their creative and innovative approach, combined with their style of display. I like the space they create each time, they just have a flair for it.  Selecting the shoes while enjoying real Italian coffee and conversation with the owner Andrea and his staff is always a joy and leaves me charged with positivity.